Disco Sista more Diva than DJ

Video DJ Disco Sista

Party Queen Disco Sista
Party Queen Disco Sista

Supercharge your party or event with more than just a DJ

Disco Sista is music & BIG SCREEN video DJ Fx.
All for da same price you get much more Whizz > Bang & WOW

Have up to 10 metres video screen. Your audience will love seeing all your favorite musicians singing and playing their magic along with a full compliment of Lights >Bubbles and Smokes> Fx > Videos > Action Camera >

So what ya waiting 4? Lets Dance 🙂

Disco Sista eyes
Disco Sista “Pretty Little Angel Eyes”



Foto & Love

We Love you Love U Long time

Love you long time Disco Sista
Love you long time Disco Sista

About Sista

Video DJ Disco Sista

Standard package entertainment includes DJ mixing and music whatever genre you like. Sound>Music>AMPS>Speakers

Plus plus plus plus more WOW Zing Bling

Disco Lights> FX> Smokes> Bubbles>

We Love Disco Sista
We Love Disco Sista

Video Music on screen. Up to 10metres in length. Can even have split screen options>

I mean if ya gonna throw a party dont just have music, when you can have a full Video DJ… Trippy visuals, transport to another dimension… Themes & wishes granted> Watch your favorite stars perform on the screen BIG LIVE and in Front of YOU…

So much more entertainment
So much more
Unique WoW

Wow Disco Sista
Wow Disco Sista


Reach Out & I’ll B There

So wot ya waiting 4?
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Call me anytime you can call me any day or nite... <Blondie Ooolala>